Interview with make up

This post is an interview from a month or two back with mrs Alana Curnley from Luton.
(interviewer)hello Alana, today we’ve got 3 quick questions for you is this ok?
(mrs curnley) yes ofcourse
(interviewer) so your an air hostess, how do you feel about keeping a constant good appearance with make up?
(mrs curnley) well we all have to look good and keep a good reputation for our company, that’s air hostesses in general but as im in my 40’s and I’ve got 4 children I dong seem to care what I look like at home because I’ve got so much pressure to look presentable at work.
(interveiwer) do you know If anyone else thinks like that as an air hostess?
(Mrs Curnley) well I’m an older member of the crew and so the younger girls have more to go on them as they feel they need it, they do wear more make up than me though. One hurl even has it tatooed on!
(interviewer) so if you were younger would you wear more?
(Mrs curnley) I suppose I would If like the girls I wasnt married or if I hadnent had kids, I would be available to men.

This shows some pressure and hype aboutmake up in the modern air hostess life.
We hope you enjoyed this and please leave any comments or questions. Thank you to mrs Alana Curnley for her partisipation and if you would like to take part in a questionnaire for our company and get it published either on our website or on here please leave a comment or email : Thanks xx


Naturally Beautiful (1st post!)

Hi everyone! Well this is our first and hopefully not our last post from naturally beautiful.
We are an independent company thats trying to make the uk and the rest of our world less fake. Now we can’t go round all the markets and take away all the fake designer clothing,watches esc but we can try (fingers crossed) to make The people less fake.
As hard as it is to believe some people feel the need to wear layers of fake tan,fake hair extensions,false eye lashed and inches of make up just to pop round the cormorant shop to get a pint of milk and a loaf of bread! We are trying to convince the world that natural beauty is the way forward. I’m not saying that I don’t wear make up or that I haven’t had hair extensions in before but only that wouldn’t life be easier without all this faf of trying to look like Katie price or Victoria beckham? Constantly ?! Even they must be make up less once in a while ?!